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Our Vision & Promise


Our vision is to provide a professional accounting service that is accessible, affordable and understandable.

Quality, assurance and understanding underpin our objective in providing a professional service that meets the need of both businesses and individuals. Utilising our experience and knowledge in both business and taxation matters drives us to make these resources available to others.

There are many accountants, tax agents and bookkeepers that will give you what is required. But taking control of your tax obligations and growing a successful business requires more than just a standard completion of forms… it takes planning, consideration, understanding and a desire to walk with you to assist you in achieving what you want.

If that’s what you are looking for, then you need to give us a call.


With ever changing tax laws and legislative requirements for business, keeping abreast of all types of taxation from income tax, corporation tax, payroll taxes, VAT, CGT and inheritance taxes can be daunting.

At Tax Clarity we have over fifteen years experience working with the taxation and business needs of clients. As a member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants we keep up-to-date by regularly attending continuing professional development courses regarding the current changes and maintaining reading of periodicals supplied by the professional bodies.

Equipped with the most current knowledge and a commitment to provide the highest standard of service, we offer professional input to your taxation and business needs that you may have thought was not available to you.


The problem with running a business is arranging what needs to be done within the time restraint that operating the business places on you. Often the things that need attention the most are left until last simply by necessity!

At Tax Clarity your access to us is not limited to office hours. We can come to you at either your work or home at a time which fits in with your schedule.

We encourage people to think of us as a resource: a professional service that can provide information for you personally, or strengthen your business in reaching the goals that you want. Our success is based on your success, and that means we are much more than just a registered form filler!


One of the benefits of not being a large established practice is minimal overheads. This means that we can operate effectively and pass on fees that are affordable and realistic to most people.

We believe that clients should feel that they have received good value for what they have paid. Our aim is that the people who utilise our business will come away feeling totally satisfied with the service given.


Knowledge is power, and this adage is no truer than in business. How do we know this… because we are in business ourselves!

Our belief is that the key to a successful accountant is how well they communicate information to their clients. Proof of this is found in the number of opportunities made available to each client to maintain yearly business growth.

At Tax Clarity our service does not end with the lodging of a tax return or accounts. We aim to assist by equipping people and business with appropriate tools, information and resources that can lead them to the next step of what they want to achieve.

So if you want to grow your business or simply to get a handle on your personal tax situation, you need the correct information at your fingertips. You need to contact us!


We do things a little differently to what you might be used to...

...you will never receive a bill from us for phone calls, faxes, emails or meetings.

Whether you are a small individual taxpayer or running a business, we are available and committed to breaking down barriers to communication. Fear of possible costs should never prevent you from seeking the information you need when you need it.

Generally, it is easier and less expensive for everyone involved to prevent a problem than it is to solve one – a quick email or phone call or meeting with your accountant can save you costs involved in solving issues later.

Our practice does not charge for incidentals and does not bill by the hour – to do so, rewards inefficiency and disadvantages the client who may be in for a nasty shock at the end of a lengthy job.

Instead, we believe in value based pricing which means you are given a fixed price for our engagement up front, tailored to your specific needs, that includes full access to your accountant throughout the year and regular contact from us on matters of interest to you. Also included is unlimited telephone and email support throughout the year and unlimited free meetings at our premises whenever you feel the need.

No surprises when it comes to the bill and no unexpected fees – that’s our promise to you.

We also promise to get your work done on time, every time. So, as long as information is provided on time, accounts are guaranteed for completion within 30 days, phone calls and e-mails returned within 24 hours max but usually sooner.

We understand doing the paperwork can be stressful for many business owners who really just want to get on with running and building their business. So if you wish, we can take all the book-keeping and other paperwork off of you as well as the normal annual accounts and tax work.

We speak plain English. There's no technical speak from us. We speak to you openly and honestly and promise not to blind you with jargon. We want you to feel comfortable to pick up the phone to us whenever you need, for whatever you want and know you'll get good sound understandable advice. We will work with you in the way that suits you - in person, on the phone or online.

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